An Office Re-design Can Unlock Huge Benefits

Is your office or workspace feeling old and dated? Are you thinking of having an office refurbishment? Interested in looking at what is available to you? Are you based in the Midlands? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, read on.

The Search Is On

Having decided to investigate the possibility of an office refurbishment for your business, the first item on the agenda is to find a suitable supplier who can show you what is available to you. A fine starting point is to use your favoured search engine to search for local companies, type in office refurbishment in Birmingham (for example). Having found a couple of possibilities you like the look of, it’s always beneficial to look at reviews and ratings for the suppliers you’ve chosen; excellent websites for doing this are Feefo or Trustpilot.

Finding The Right Choice

Once you’ve selected a supplier, it’s also a good idea to understand the process which your office refurbishment will follow; most good installers of workspaces give an end-to-end service which generally flows through these stages –

  • Initial contact / Informal chat
  • Site visit/scope of work
  • Design Process / Sign off
  • Installation
  • Aftercare

Throughout the initial stages, conversations will take place so that you can describe to the supplier what you’ve envisioned your new office would look like; with that in mind, let’s take a brief look at how you can improve the different areas of the workspace.

Areas For Improvement

Firstly, let’s look at the options when it comes to the layout of your office; depending on your brief new office partitions could re-organise the space to maximise potential. Partitioning systems are available in several materials; glass is a popular choice as it gives both an improvement in natural light and a modern feel. Partitions can also provide flexibility; the demountable partition is a movable, reusable type of system allowing you to create spaces where you need them; they’re also tax-deductible!!

Décor, Furniture and Lighting

All the above areas can be upgraded with numerous benefits; a new fresh décor to the office could include painting, wallpapering, graphics, plants and other accessories to give an improved aesthetic look to inspire staff and impress clients. Ergonomic advances mean new furniture, whether it’s chairs or whole workstations, can give uplifts in both employee morale and performance. You may not be blessed with many windows, but advancements in Lighting such as the use of LED type lights can give the correct amount of artificial light in a very important area; many case studies have found that improved light levels mean greater staff wellbeing. Washrooms, staff break-out areas and kitchens are all other areas of the workspace which can be improved to create a better workspace for all.

Access The Benefits Available

There we are; you can make improvements across the board when looking at refurbishing your office. These can then bring significant advantages to you and your employees and increases in clients and custom. Take a look at an office refurbishment today!