Flooring Alternatives for Your Home Garage

You finally got to build that garage you have been dreaming about, and now it is down to some of the final details. One thing that distinguishes a craftsman’s garage from a regular workshop is the floor. Have a look and see what some of the floors look like in the supercar facilities – absolutely gorgeous. Although you are probably not working on McLarens or Bugattis in your garage. You can still have a fancy floor. But make sure it is a surface that makes sense for your usage. Here are three materials commonly used on garage floors.

Epoxy: It won’t take you long to discover that epoxy is very popular for industrial flooring. You will see it everywhere from supermarkets to schools. Epoxy is incredibly durable, resistant to stains, waterproof, and it is a crack sealer too. Not only that, epoxy is applied like paint, so it can be put down in virtually any pattern, depending on the skill level of the contractor. You can find garage epoxy floor services in Adelaide. Epoxy is also slip resistant, which will help keep you safe.

Vinyl: Vinyl is a legitimate choice for a garage. If you choose a quality product, and you do the proper surface prep beforehand. Vinyl can create for you an excellent, virtually seamless surface for your garage, with a huge assortment of designs to choose from. The durability will depend heavily on what sort of activities that floor will be exposed to. Vinyl is easily cut or scratched and can become dislodged with torqueing motions.

Carpet: That’s right carpet. Carpet is a nice option for certain types of garages, especially the kind that are more of a showroom than a mechanic’s facility. They make industrial carpet these days that can be power washed and is made to be durable and treated harshly.

Paint: There is always paint. The beauty of paint is that it really is an unlimited media as far as colour and style. It also can be very cheap. There are specialty paints available with garage applications in mind. Paint will not be as durable as epoxy.

Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you happy, and that it will hold up to those oil changes and transmission rebuilds. Your garage can be your inner sanctum, but it will be a diminishing pride if it begins to deteriorate before its time. Get a product that will stand out and will also be easy to maintain.

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