Handguns, Air Guns, and Gatling Guns: What’s the Difference?

Every country has its own laws regulating gun ownership and use. These laws vary significantly around the world. However, in most countries, the possession of firearms requires a license or permit issued by the national or state-level government. In some countries, private ownership of certain types of firearms is not permitted.

Handguns, air guns, and gatling guns are all types of handheld firearms. While they’re often referred to by similar names, their designs and uses are very different. Handguns are created to be one-handed. Air guns use compressed air in place of gunpowder and a gatling gun uses multiple barrels that fire rounds continuously. Understanding the differences between these weapons can help you decide which is best for you.

What are Handguns?

Handguns are a type of firearm designed to be held and operated by one hand, having a barrel that is shorter than 16 inches (410 mm) (generally not exceeding 24 inches). Most handguns fire single-projectile ammunition, meaning the projectile must be contained in a casing before being fired. Some smaller-framed guns may be safely to hold and operate by two hands, so long as they also have an exposed hammer or similar mechanism that permits the shooter to cock the gun single-handedly whilst firing.

There are two popular kinds of handguns:

  • Revolver – which has a rotating cylinder that chambers the next round at the turn of a revolving trigger mechanism.
  • Pistol – with a fixed chamber and barrel. The hand held case is usually equipped with some extra as well as plan features including magazine storage, ammo storage, etc. It can be loaded in advance before being shot for firing in succession. Handguns could be small but powerful weapons that are portable enough to carry around concealed.

What are Air Guns?

Air guns are all-weather, accurate, powerful and adjustable shooting sport tools. They are power generators of compressed air with enough air pressure to release a pellet at the target with force proportional to the air pressure generated. 

The most important thing to understand about air guns is that they are unlike any other ammunition-based weapon. Their ammunition is not a bullet, shotgun shells or even arrows; they are compressed gas projectiles. While their small caliber and appearance may suggest a toy gun, air guns are powerful and can cause serious injuries if misused. While some models can be modified with attachments such as scopes, red dot sights and flashlights, others are on the lower end of power ranges.

What are Gatling Guns?

Gatling guns are tools used by hunters to clean and prepare the guts of their game. These guns are designed for gutting fish, deer, fowl and other game animals. Gatling Guns were designed to feature fun and easy use, without the need for air compression or gunpowder. This makes them safe and environmentally-friendly to use with little mess and minimal training. With a compact design, you can also be sure that they are extremely portable and easy to store in small spaces.