How to Identify & Safely Deal with Asbestos

If you live in a home that has been built prior to the 1990’s, there is a good chance it contains asbestos. Today, contractors do not use asbestos for residential projects, but there was a time when it was used for its insulating and fire-resistance properties. It could be found in all types of places, such as your roof and walls. If you think your home has asbestos, follow these tips below.

Steps to Take if You Think Your Property has Asbestos

If you think there may be asbestos in your home, you must take steps to get rid of it. It is extremely difficult to find asbestos unless the materials in your home are clearly labelled. The best way to find out if this harmful substance is in your property is to get in touch with a company who specialise in asbestos removal in Perth. A certified professional will thoroughly examine the building to see if asbestos is present.

Testing for asbestos by yourself is not a good idea, if you disturb anything, fibres can get into the air and cause problems for you or your family. You don’t always have to remove the asbestos, there are plenty of other ways to deal with the problem.

Dealing with Asbestos

If you are sure there is asbestos in your home, you can leave it alone and make sure nobody goes near that area. If the asbestos isn’t disturbed, it will not cause any issues. Any attempt to get rid of it increases the chance contamination.

  • Enclosure

Instead of removing it, you can encapsulate the asbestos, so no fibres can be released into the air. Encapsulating allows you to secure the asbestos and put a shield around the material to keep it safe.

  • Professional Removal

Another option is to call a professional removal team and see what they recommend. If the material is still in good condition, it can be captured, if it has already begun to deteriorate, you are better having it removed from your premises. It is safer to use a professional than handle it alone.

Asbestos is extremely hazardous and should only be handled by a trained and certified professional. In Australia, a homeowner can legally remove a certain amount of asbestos without expert assistance. For larger projects, you must get in touch with a licensed contractor. If you are doing it yourself, wear PPE, clear the area and notify friends and family.