Post Winter Gardening Tips for 2022

With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, we can all look forward to a cosy holiday at home and if you are a gardening fanatic, you will already be thinking about the coming spring.

Here are some post-winter gardening tips to prepare for the summer.

  • Tending flower beds – As soon as the winter temperatures have left, put down some rich mulch and turn it into the soil, while removing all weeds. Coconut husk makes for the ideal soil covering, as it is light and porous.
  • Pruning – The spring is the time to shape trees and shrubs, removing all dead wood and pruning in a way that promotes the new growth season. If you fancy a change, talk to the hard landscaping in Harrogate who can design a stunning space based on your concept.
  • Lawn care – The lawn needs to be aeriated, which can be done with a garden fork and feed the lawn with grass fertiliser, then a good watering is needed. The first cut should be higher than usual and remove any weeds and make sure you don’t leave grass cuttings on the lawn.
  • Recycling green waste – There are lots of resources online to help you set up a compost corner and this will also feed your plants, trees and shrubs. Food waste should also be added to your compost and watching a few ‘how to’ videos on YouTube will make sure that you do it right.

If you are less than happy with your garden, talk to a local landscaping contractor who would be happy to design the ideal recreational space.

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