Top 3 Slow-Filling Toilet Issues | Simple Troubleshooting Steps to Try

Top 3 Slow-Filling Toilet Issues | Simple Troubleshooting Steps to Try

Toilet is one of the most important areas of the house. And when it is not functioning properly, it causes problems in the household. There are common issues that can be fixed without the help of a plumber. These are basic troubleshooting tips that might help. How to Fix Your Toilet Filling Up Slowly? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Fill Valve Tube Issues

The fill valve inside the toilet regulates the water that goes into the bowl. When flushing, the valve opens and releases water just enough to create a vacuum to flush the waste. It is common for fill valves to get clogged and when this happens, it will not function properly. This in turn will slow down the fill rate of the tank.

How to troubleshoot?

Issues with the fill valve will create a noticeable change in the water flow rate. It may need cleaning to remove any blockage.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for cleaning the fill valve:

  • Turn the water supply off.
  • Remove the valve top.
  • Cover the opening with an inverted plastic cup.
  • Hold the plastic cup over the open valve to prevent water from spraying up.
  • Turn the water supply line back on.
  • Flush out debris that may be clogging the valve.

Float Ball Issue

A float ball is the water regulator. If the float ball is full of water or gets “waterlogged,” it will stop the tank from filling up with water. This will make it too slow for the tank to be filled up. In worst cases, it will stop the flow altogether.

How to troubleshoot?

To check if the float ball is waterlogged, remove the sink cover and ensure it is floating. If submerged, it means it is full of water. A replacement is the most practical solution. Simply pull off the old float ball and attach the new one.

Water Supply Valve Issue

The water supply valve of the “shut-off valve” is the small knob of the wall, just behind the toilet. This valve regulates the water supply that enters the toilet tank. This is just an on/off switch. If debris clogs the valve, it will not be fully opened. This will affect the water flow into the tank.

How to troubleshoot?

Take note of any water trickling out of the toilet’s supply hose. This can mean that something is blocking the water supply. This is the most obvious sign of a water supply valve issue. Try turning the shut-off valve on and off. This can help unclog any debris that is stuck inside it.

It may be more convenient to simply call a plumber and get these problems fixed. When having issues similar to this, it is also best to know what causes it and what steps could be taken to try and fix it. For those who love DIY projects and fixing things at home,  these problems have simple solutions. For people with basic knowledge of troubleshooting, a simple review of these steps can help resolve any common toilet issue.