Why you Should Consider a Knockdown & Rebuild

If you are considering selling your home and looking for a larger property, there might be alternatives you have yet to explore. You might love the immediate area and are only upgrading due to limited space and in such a case, you could demolish the existing building and design a more spacious house. Land prices seem to be on the increase yet again and if you already own your home, why not replace it with a new design?

Comprehensive Solution

One of the best custom home builders in Canberra offers a comprehensive service; they will design the new home, get planning approval, demolish and remove the materials, then build the new house to your specifications. The first step is to talk design and they have an in-house team of architects who create dream homes for their clients, then discuss budgets and that might lead to a finished design and an all-inclusive price is quoted for the entire project.

Planning Permission

Of course, your new house plans must be state approved and this is something the custom builder handles; as the client, you are informed at every stage of the project and the builder has an excellent reputation with government officials to ensure a smooth approval process.

Building Demolition & Waste Removal

The knockdown builder has access to all the heavy machinery needed to demolish a building and remove the materials, which are disposed of in keeping with federal government guidelines. It happens very quickly and before you know it, your old home is no more! The land is levelled and the footings for the new house can be constructed, ready for the build.

Cost Effective Alternative

When you work out the cost of buying a larger home and compare that with a knockdown and rebuild, you’ll see why the latter is a better choice. Take a look at the cost of the project and compare that with the value of the finished property and that should be enough to convince you to build on your current plot of land. If you would like to learn more about a knockdown & rebuild, start with a Google search for ‘custom knockdown & rebuild companies near me’ and that should give you a list of sites to visit. When choosing a builder, look for an established company that wins awards, as this is a sign of quality.

It is an exciting thing to be able to design your home and choosing a top custom builder should result in the perfect home for you and your family.